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COVID-19: WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED after ten months?


Published by John Krol on December 5, 2020

We have nearly ten months of definitive, factual, real-life evidence in our cities, states, and countries around the world that shows us, clearly and without any uncertainty, the current mitigation strategy is a failure. Real-world evidence has disproven the experts, scientists, and scientism. WE are the study and the only study that counts now. We were instructed that employing masks, distancing, and shutdowns would slow the spread of the virus. The virus has continued to spread easily and rapidly everywhere; therefore, the masks, distancing, and shutdowns do not work. It's really simple enough for anyone of any intellect to grasp; however, the media doesn't want you to use your own critical thinking skills. They dread rational, reasonable humans who see through their obvious, extreme efforts to incite the highest level of fear possible. Why has there only been one option? After all, we all know how repeating the same actions over and over again and expecting different results is defined.


One can easily point the finger of blame for the failure, but any adverse variables should have been considered by the "experts" as they fumbled through developing the strategy and guidelines - moving targets they knew (one might presume) could not succeed from the beginning. True experts would always have a Plan B and Plan C in their back pocket, wouldn't they?

Many tend to forget God has given us free will to make decisions based on the risks and responsibilities we are willing to accept. One does not become a medical professional if one does not want to tend to the sick. One does not become a fireman if one does not want to run into a burning building to save others. Every day we use our free will to make decisions. If one is elderly, sick, or vulnerable, they might feel the risk is too great and choose to protect themselves by staying at home in isolation. Other consenting adults may make the choice to go out into the world and accept the responsibilities and consequences of their actions. They are not placing any vulnerable individuals in isolation at risk because...well, they are in isolation.

Let's also not forget that science has failed to control many prevalent illnesses such as the seasonal flu and the common cold. Based on this factual history, to believe we can "control" this novel virus is incredibly arrogant and dangerously irrational.

Isn't there a reasonable approach based on all that we have learned in the past ten months? Well, the elderly and vulnerable should, without fail, remain protected. That was clear to everyone very early. However, allow the young and healthy to gain immunity through infection with little or no symptoms. An effective vaccine (if enough people are vaccinated) would be helpful. Otherwise, continuing to mandate the failed strict restrictions only serves to prolong the virus's course by continuing to provide viable hosts, and we risk perpetuating the virus with reinfections after immunity expires. Remember, there are approximately 16 million Americans (that we know of) with immunity as of today, many more unreported. When that immunity expires, they will give the virus new life. Meanwhile, restrictions and shutdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health, causing irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed. Also, the U.N. recently warned, "It would be a significant achievement to avert a major famine," and, " the absence of humanitarian assistance, the lives of 235 million people are at stake — a 40 percent increase, with poverty rising for the first time in 20 years while life expectancy will fall."

No war or battle was ever won using the single-pronged strategy of locking all the soldiers and citizens - strong, weak, young, old, healthy, and sick - in their homes and wishing the enemy would retreat.

I've held these beliefs for months now and I was pleased to find out there are much smarter folks than I, respected doctors from Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard, who hold similar beliefs. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, and his A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy is an insightful read. While you're at it, visit to read the Great Barrington Declaration. More than 50,000 medical practitioners and medical & public health scientists have signed on in accord.


IMPORTANT NOTE: A projected jump in unemployment during the pandemic will lead to approximately 890,000 to 1.37 million excess deaths over the next 15 years according to several economists from Harvard University, Duke University and Johns Hopkins University revealed through a report published Monday, January 4th, by the National Bureau of Economic Research.


If you're interested in reviewing a compilation of information, banned videos and other COVID-19-related articles and data, visit Opening America with COVID-19. I stopped recording/updating information on that page back in September, but there are some good links that may now be hard to find.

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