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If you already have established brand assets, congratulations! This is absolutely necessary to secure the brand recognition you need. Branding is a lifetime strategy, so let's spend some time discussing your business image, messaging, and tonality. From there we can talk logo design, color palette, and typography. Once you are completely satisfied with the brand resources we'll package them all up nicely with a style guide so they can be made available to anyone developing integrated marketing campaigns for your business!

View a sample style guide for Prestige Polymer Flooring.

Image by Domenico Loia


Then let’s build a beautiful, responsive website! I can search available domain names for you, then work with you to develop a site that is custom-designed to drive conversion, employs cutting-edge tech, is secure, and loads lightning-fast. Let me show you our CMS platform that will give you (or anyone you choose) control over keeping your content fresh easily with On-The-Go Editing (edit and republish on your phone). Your information will be displayed in the most intuitive manner, keeping the site as easy to navigate as possible. We employ real-time website personalization technology that delivers individualized user experiences based on date, time of day, number of previous visits, visitor geolocation, and more. Responsive code will ensure it looks great on every device. Analytics code will be installed to track and review your visitor activity. As a PWA (Progressive Web App), your visitors can add your site to their home screen and view anytime - even offline.


If you already have analytics code installed, I will review existing insights and check to see where improvements might be made. If not, let's install the code and monitor it for a month or two. Then, if needed, we can optimize your site to make it as easy as possible for search engines to properly position your website in results. While we’re at it, let’s make sure your Google Business page has been claimed and is current.



Not all businesses need to have a presence on all social channels. Let's have a conversation about which platform(s) will work best for you and then get to work!

Facebook Presence
If you don't already have one, a Facebook Page will be generated and linked to your website. This will make it very easy for you to communicate and interact with interested clients regularly; send them updates, share special offers, pictures, videos, even offer support through Messenger. Of course, we'll make sure visitors can connect directly from your website.

Twitter Account
Whether you are new to Twitter or have been using it now for years, an account just for your business can be important. Special/timely Twitter-exclusive offers, photos, videos, and more can be shared with followers very quickly and easily. If they’re not monitoring their Facebook page, you can catch them here!

YouTube Channel
You may have noticed - videos get noticed! Photos are always nice, but brief videos explaining your products/services or showing clients proudly offering testimonials are powerful. Everyone online enjoys watching smart, thorough, informational, or funny videos. Let’s put your best on a YouTube Channel and link to and from your website, as well.

Is your business listed with complete and accurate information? Connecting with other professionals on LinkedIn can be very rewarding; let’s see how we can put this to use for you.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn Social Icon


Already using Constant Contact or Mailchimp? Then let's get those campaigns rolling! If not, an email marketing account will be set up, and a subscription form generated for your website. We will integrate that form with your social channels, too, so your fans and followers can register for exclusive email offers and updates. Once they subscribe, you’ll be able to reach out and tap them on the shoulder whenever you have some good news to share with them. You can create the emails on your own, or we can do it for you (or both!)...up to twice each month.



Let’s produce a quick, captivating promotional video, showcasing your business, featuring its most photogenic offerings, and maybe include a testimonial or two to really bring the point home. No more than 90 seconds long, with your website and contact information effectively presented. Two hours of shoot time, editing, uploading to your YouTube Channel, and providing an MP4 for you to use however you like. Feature it on your website and share it on your social channels. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the value of a video is...immeasurable!

To the left: View the promo video for the annual Mount Prospect Lions Club Festival.



Need some new business cards, maybe a local newspaper, bulletin or magazine ad? Perhaps a coupon, flyer, postcard mailer, banner, form...or even a billboard design? A complete monthly package will include the design of one creative for you to review or approve each month in whatever format is required. If you don't anticipate a lot of design work, call, and let's talk about exactly what you need. Most design projects can be done for $100 or less.


The code above was designed using brand colors and the "R" logomark for use on posters and postcards, sending visitors to purchase tickets for an event.


Not sure what these are and what they do? QR stands for Quick Response, and allows smartphone users to interact with your signs, ads, business cards, web postings, promotional items - even temporary tattoos! Use them wherever they can be scanned with a smartphone. We can develop a branded code that will:

  • send them to your website

  • send them to a standalone landing page with a special coupon/promotion

  • share all your contact information in a vCard

  • allow them to send you an email or text message

  • send them to Like your Facebook Page, or interact with other social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, or Foursquare

  • have them watch a video

There are many handy functions these little codes can perform! Unique codes can help track response to your campaigns, as well, and tell you how many phones scanned them, what types of phones, and from what area. It’s nice to know when things are working for you, isn’t it!

QR Codes (and Flowcodes) continue to increase in popularity, as devices like Apple iOS (Camera) and platforms including Facebook have built them into their interface!




Digital marketing does not give instant results and does require some time to bake, so to speak, so I do expect you to give your new marketing efforts at least 6 months. During that time, you will receive monthly analytics reports via email to make it easy to evaluate progress. If, after that time, the results don't hit the mark, we can refine and invigorate your plan.

For most small businesses, their budget just doesn't allow for a $6K+/month, full-time Marketing Director.
Besides, one wouldn't be needed full-time in many cases. Perhaps only a few hours per week.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the same marketing experience and help at your disposal for only $250 per month?



• One social post per week (up to 2 social accounts)

• One monthly email send

• One monthly website update

• Call anytime to discuss marketing strategy & opportunities





• Two social posts per week (up to 2 social accounts)

• Up to three monthly email sends

• Up to two monthly website updates

• One site visit for photos/video clips every six months

• Call anytime to discuss marketing strategy & opportunities




• Three social posts per week (up to 3 social accounts)

• Up to three monthly email sends

• Unlimited website updates

• One quarterly site visit for photos/video clips

• One promotional video at 50% standard rate

• One creative design per month (single page)

• Branded QR codes as needed

• Call anytime to discuss marketing strategy & opportunities




Complete logo build or refresh, color palette, typography and style guide bundled together to bring your brand identity to life and keep it top of mind.

(Up to 20 hours)



Up to 4 reponsive pages, one contact form, social integration, installed analytics code, monthly reporting.

(Up to 15 hours)



Video shoot up to 2 hours, editing, and final file output in MP4 format. Video length:

30-60 seconds.



Up to two email sends to your opt-in subscriber list each month.


Just need a single-page creative designed?

That's easy. Most can be done with up to two proofs for under $100.

Perhaps you just don't exactly fit into one of the packages. Every business has different needs, so don't sweat it. All services are available ala carte, and we can customize a plan just for you.
Just call
224-377-0211 and let us know what you need.


Assistance with messaging and engagement on social accounts along with basic maintenance is included. No-brainer, right?

*Additional third party fees including but not limited to domain purchases/renewals/transfers, hosting, subscriptions, integrations, and advertising budgets are not included. Travel for photography/videography limited to 30 miles. Prices subject to change.

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