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Making regular changes to your website is important, not only to keep your visitors current but for SEO purposes, too. As intuitive as our CMS may be, occasionally you may still have a question or two. If you have been given a login to make simple changes to your website, access our helpful support portal/knowledge base at the link below.

Please view the video shorts below which offer an overview of the basics and can be quite helpful.

Note: Certain options may be dimmed or unavailable to you. If there is something you need need to edit beyond what is available to you, just let us know!

Getting comfortable with the tools to edit your site is very important. Here we show you around so you know more about how to navigate through your editor so you can build and customize your responsive site. Learn about great features for customizing your site and widgets you can add to give your site more functionality.

With Krol Production's responsive sites, the layout consists of rows that stack on top of each other and columns that are within the rows. This system builds the overall structure of the pages in your site. Within the structure, you further customize your pages by adding widgets to the layout and edit each widget within the page.

While customizing and designing your site makes your site unique, your content really drives that message home. Importing the text, images, and files from your original site is easy. Learn more about what we can pull in and where you can find it in your editor.

Have to run? No problem. With our new Edit On The Go feature, you can access our editor’s dashboard, edit your content, preview changes, and republish – all from your mobile device.

Of course, if you still have questions, please use the contact form, email or call 224-377-0211 and we will be happy to help!

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