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QR 2-For-1!

Purchase one branded QR code and get a second one FREE!

ONLY $25


TWO Branded Dynamic QR Codes


6 Months of Analytics Reporting

I want 2 branded QR codes.


The code above was designed using brand colors and the "R" logomark for use on posters and postcards, sending visitors to purchase event tickets. QR Code

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Scan for website

Deacon's Restaurant Menu QR Code

Scan for restaurant menu



QR stands for Quick Response, and allows smartphone users to scan and interact with your signs, ads, business cards, vehicles, posters, flyers, promotional items - even temporary tattoos! Use them wherever they can be scanned with a smartphone. We will develop dynamic codes with your logo and brand colors to:

  • turn your company vehicle into free advertising

  • promote engagement on shop window displays

  • accept payments or donations

  • share all your contact information with a scan

  • provide seamless access with WiFi access stickers

  • view your restaurant menu online and save $$ on printing

  • send them to Like your Facebook Page, or interact with other social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram

  • have them watch a promotional video

  • download your company's mobile app

There are so many handy functions these little codes can perform for you! QRs can help track response to your campaigns, as well, and track the numbers of scans across locations, devices, and different time-frames. It’s nice to know when things are working for you, isn’t it!

QR Codes continue to increase in popularity, as mobile devices and platforms including Facebook have built them into their interface!

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What's a QR
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